Bird Owner

This is a badge for anybody on this wiki who owns a bird! If you have a pet bird (or you own an aviary or something), put {{ProudBirdOwner}} in the source code.

Curl-crested Manucode
Curl-crested Aracari
Galatea Paradise Kingfisher

Cuban Trogon Indian Roller Little Kingfisher Birds commonly kept as pets Giant Coua

Superb Parrot

Peach-faced Lovebird Noisy Friarbird Sulfur-crested Cockatoo BudgerigarMulga Parrot/Varied Parrot Amethyst Sunbird Beach Kingfisher Racquet-tailed RollerFiery-throated HummingbirdBrown Lory Purple-throated Mountain GemBlue-faced HoneyeaterMagnificent Riflebird Paradise Riflebird Victoria's RiflebirdPurple SunbirdGreater Bird-of Paradise Lesser Bird-of ParadiseRed Bird-of ParadiseRaggiana Bird-of-ParadiseBlue Bird-of-ParadiseEmperor Bird-of-ParadiseGoldie's Bird-of Paradise Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise King Bird-of-ParadiseMagnificent Bird-of Paradise Splendid Astrapia Ribbon-tailed Astrapia Huon Astrapia Arfak Astrapia Stephanie's Astrapia Brown Sicklebill Black SicklebillSuperb Bird-of-ParadiseStandardwing Bird-of-ParadisePale-billed SicklebillBlack-billed SicklebillTwelve-wired Bird-of-ParadiseBronze ParotiaWahnes's Parotia Lawe's Parotia Western Parotia Carola's ParotiaCrinkle-collared ManucodeGlossy-mantled ManucodeJobi ManucodeTrumpet ManucodeBlue ManakinParadise CrowOcellated TurkeyBooted racket-tailBronze-winged ParrotGolden-winged Sunbird Elegant SunbirdYellow-bellied SunbirdCrimson SunbirdBlue Tit Crested Shriketit Bannerman's SunbirdMajor Mitchell's CockatooSummer TanagerHyacinth MacawYellow-billed KingfisherCoroneted Fruit DoveSiberian RubythroatScarlet-rumped Trogon