The Ribbon-tailed Astrapia is a Bird-of-paradise endemic to the central highlands of Papua New Guinea.


The male of this species has and iridescent head and bib that can be cyan, mint green, black, ocean blue, royal purple or royal blue depending upon the angle that you look at the bird. The male has a blackish-green pom-pom shaped plume at the base of his beak, which is silver in both sexes. The body of the male is jet black with an iridescent red stripe across it. The wings are an iridescent black-bronze color and the rest of the bird is black, except for his long central tail feathers which resemble ribbons, due to its name, which are a pure white with a black tip. The female of this species has a smaller plume and lacks iridescent bib of the male, and her belly is barred black and tan. Her tail is shorter and less 'ribbon-like' as the male. Immature males look exactly the same as the female except they don't have the barred belly.