The Plum- headed parakeet is a parrot that lives in India. Its bright colors and chirps and personality make it a popular pet throuout the world. 


The male of this species has a red-violet forehead that fades into a light purple color at the nape and chin. A narrow black line extends from the chin to the nape and circles the bird's head. Below the line, on the nape, a cyan color is present, which fades into a light yellow-green on the bird's belly. Its wings are a pea green and there is a small spot of red on the center of its wing. His rump is a light teal color and his long central tail feathers are a deep ocean blue and it has a white tip. The feathers on the underside of his tail are a lemon yellow. The upper mandible of this bird is a yellow-orange and the lower mandible is ebony-black. The female of this species has a bluish-grey head and lacks the red patch on its wings, the black collar, and the yellow undertail feathers of the male. The cyan on the male's nape is replaced with yellow on the female bird. Immature birds have a grey-green head and their beaks are yellowish.

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